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Vision Statement

Kay Manufacturing Co. will become an organization of processes and people that is as dynamic as the industry in which it does business.  Furthermore, Kay Manufacturing Co. will increase its market share, by becoming the preferred vendor to domestic subassemblies.

Mission Statement
  While constantly aware of global threats and opportunities, Kay Manufacturing Co. provides value added precision machining services of forged material to domestic automotive subassemblies on a production basis.  Additionally, Kay Manufacturing Co. continuously develops its people and lean processes to attain our common vision.

    About Kay

    Kay will work with your engineers to custom-design parts, build prototypes, and/or modify parts for the final production process.  Our engineering/design professionals also initiate internal improvements affecting product flow, tool life, machine and process capabilities, cycle times and error proofing.  Additionally, most tool and gage design, machine rebuild, and tool cutter grinding is performed in-house.

 Kay Manufacturing is a precision production machining company located in the heart of the industrial Midwest.  Begun as a father and son machine shop in 1946, our 80,000 sq. ft. facility has the capacity to produce more than 30,000 high-quality parts per day for markets including automotive, agricultural and ordnance.

  Kay Manufacturing is a lean organization with over 100 highly skilled employees.  Our operators are trained in SPC and the latest technologies, while our management team is cross-trained in every aspect of the production process from product development through machine operation.  Kay"s management and supervisory turnover is minimal, contributing to years of strong, stable, and reliable service.

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